Friday, May 15, 2009

5-15-09: Three Cups of Tea Ch. 13-14 (A Days)

Today we began with our punctual piece: It is easy to become discouraged and feel helpless. How do you overcome helplessness and discouragement?

Then we had reading time.

Finally we completed a Stations Activity. There were nine (9) total, and you were required to complete four (4)--25 points each. You could complete up to three (3) additional stations for extra credit--again 25 points each.

If you missed class, you will need to make up the Stations Activity. Most of the Stations are on our website. For a few, you will have to come and make them up with me before or after school or during 1st lunch.

For Tuesday:
1. Read Chapter 16. You will have quizzes until you read!
2. Finish your 2nd Cup.


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